4WD Wholesalers covers all of our products with a 12 month warranty because thats how confident we are in the quality of our products. However, this only covers our products, not labour to install/re-install or any additional components. We simply need a few things from you, receipt, invoice number, trademe reference number or in some cases your name may be enough.


All installation and fitment of parts/products should not be carried out without the advice from a qualified mechanic/auto-electrician. 4WD Wholesalers takes no responsibility for incorrect fitment of any product and this will void any warranty.  

We endeavour to sort all warranty claims as quickly and efficiently as possible! However we need your co-operation with this. In the event of most claims it can be sorted with a few pictures and short videos from you. Replacement is then sent out to you, you ship the old one back, we pay the freight back to you! 

In the event of some items/products we may require you to ship them back to us and potentially be sent away to the manufacturer for assessment, again we endeavour to make this as smooth and fast as possible for you by keeping you in the loop as soon as we know anything! In the case of a successful warranty claim we will cover return freight back to your address.

PLEASE NOTE - Warranty DOES NOT cover mis-use, abuse, faulty installation or general clumsiness.

A refund WILL NOT be issued if there is a fault, the item is simply replaced, if a second fault occurs the option of a refund will be available. 

If you have fallen outside the warranty period for you particular item, please still get in touch, we may have replacement parts available or we can sort you a new one at a discounted price! 

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