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4T exhaust air jack

4T exhaust air jack

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4T air jack 

The Exhaust Air Jack is a car jack that uses the exhaust from your vehicle to lift it up when in an emergency on the side of the road or in the mud. Simply place the empty air bag below your car where you would like it to be lifted, connect the hose to your car's exhaust pipe, then just start your car and watch it get lifted up which takes around 30 seconds.

The Exhaust air jack is a great way to lift up your car when you don't have a car jack to change your tire, or if you're car is stuck out in some mud and need to get lifted out of the dirt to get moving again.

High Capacity Inflatable Air Jack for Off-Road Exhaust  Air Jack Lifting 

Extra height airlifting jack for OFF-ROAD, ideal for large and medium-sized SUV's. Perfect for mud and Sand. 

The Air Jack uses the vehicle's own Exhaust, or an air compressor to lift your vehicle safely.


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