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Recovery tracks black

Recovery tracks black

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Have you ever gotten your 4WD stuck so bad that it needed to be winched out by another vehicle? I’m guessing you have or else you wouldn’t be here. So what happens when you’re out 4WDing alone with nobody to carry bag help you? That’s where recovery tracks come in; don’t make the mistake that countless 4WD enthusiasts make every year by getting stuck and ruining their precious investment, grab a pair today!


While the tracks are facing up you can get yourself out of some incredibly difficult situations. Your 4WD will be benefitting from the track's arcing ramp contour, which is perfectly paired with it’s rugged teeth pattern, in turn creating the perfect balance to get you unstuck. When the tracks are flipped over you can use the previously mentioned arcing contour as a spade to dig mud, sand or snow out from underneath the tire and apply the track in a workable position. 


  • 10T load rating
  • Tough tred pattern
  • Lightweight allowing for easy portability 
  • Simple cleanup after use 
  • No towing or winching required
  • 109cm x 33cm x 5cm
  • We've got your back with a 1 year warranty 


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