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Snorkel Suzuki Vitara Escudo 1988-1999 RHS

Snorkel Suzuki Vitara Escudo 1988-1999 RHS

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Suzuki Vitara / Escudo / Mazda Proceed Levante (Right side)
Jan/1988 - Dec/1999 (1st Gen ET/TA)
The below engines have the airbox on the RHS of the vehicle, the same side as this snorkel but the connection between the snorkel & air filter box may need some modification / flex hose etc. to link up.
Petrol H20A 2.0 Litre-V6
Petrol H25A 2.5 Litre-V6
Petrol J20A 2.0 Litre-I4
Diesel RF 2.0 Litre-I4

This Snorkel Fits to the Right Hand Side of the vehicle (Drivers Side)


  • Comes complete with fitting kit, template and the snorkel head
  • Made of High Quality LLDPE Material
  • Protect your engine from water & dust
  • Cool clean air can increase performance & filter life
  • Exceeds the air flow requirements of the factory engine/s
  • We've got your back with a one year warranty
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