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Snorkel Toyota Hiace H100 Series 4th Generation

Snorkel Toyota Hiace H100 Series 4th Generation

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Toyota Hiace H100 Series 1989-2004 (4th Generation)
2WD and 4WD models
ALL FACTORY ENGINES - including but not limited to:

Diesel 1KZ-TE 3.0Litre-I4 Turbo
Diesel 3L 2.8Litre-I4 Non-Turbo
Diesel 5L 3.0Litre-I4 Non-Turbo
Petrol 1RZ 2.0Litre-I4
Petrol 2RZ 2.4Litre-I4


This Snorkel fits in place of the factory vent & as such does not require a cutting template. The factory Toyota air intake piping is retained during install and this snorkel mounts/seals to the outside of the guard vent hole once the vent is removed. As shown in the photos the snorkel body is a two piece design, disassembly and sealing of the snorkel body join is highly recommended. There is no upper mount or fastening hardware included with the snorkel. Professional fitment recommended.

This Snorkel Fits to the Right Hand Side of the vehicle (Drivers Side)


  • Comes complete with fitting kit, template and the snorkel head
  • Made of High Quality LLDPE Material
  • Protect your engine from water & dust
  • Cool clean air can increase performance & filter life
  • Exceeds the air flow requirements of the factory engine/s
  • We've got your back with a one year warranty
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